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Recruit Direct has a sound business ethic and a vested interest in presenting the most suitable candidates for your company employment requirements.

Once we have received your enquiry we will liaise with your HR department or designated person to secure a detailed report of your company stipulating your employment requirements. We will then source and present the most suited candidates in the timeframe allocated for the position or positions you wish to fill.

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Our approach can be likened to chess as we do not blindly forge forward in the hope of success. We do not stone skip you to where you ultimately should be but endeavour to realize your potential through opening the right doors, placing you in the right position according to your desire and profile strength. We analyse client needs and match them with your knowledge, experience, understanding and potential. What are you as a candidate best capable of achieving? This question is answered through an interview phase that paints a picture for us to identify who you really are and how good you are and can become.

Private information remains just that as we are careful how we communicate information and always strive to safeguard such information that may expose both you and the companies we represent to the risks of cybercrimes or other criminal activity.

Our understanding and implementation of recruitment policies and procedures are our strength and the pillar of our success. We invite you to present your credentials to us so we can be an instrument of your success. Placing your resource in the right company is our forte.

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