Why You Don’t Get Hired

Tips to keep in mind when applying for a job

 Applying for a job is no easy matter. It takes a lot of work and time and then there is no guarantee you’ll even be getting the job. Well, I have compiled a list of tips for you to show you how you can increase job application success.

Social Media

It is important to be active on social media, but keep in mind, this is the first place your employer-to-be goes looking to find out more about you. The key word is “appropriate”. If the content on your social media profiles is inappropriate, be sure to kiss the job goodbye. What you do in your private life is just that – private, especially if you’re busy doing something you’d rather not have your boss find out.


To have a successful interview and not get the job raises more than one question. But if your interview wasn’t a success – and surely you will know if it was or not – you’ll have to go and re-evaluate your interview knowledge.


It is crucial to do research about the type of job you are applying for. This is the first step of job application. If you don’t research the job, this much will become clear in your interview. You need to know what the job entails and should be able to provide a detailed explanation as to why you will be the perfect candidate to fill the position. Knowledgeability always has a positive effect on the interviewer.


Your resume is a detailed analysis of yourself. It tells your future employer all he/she needs to know about you, however, there are three easy mistakes to make, and that can ruin your chances of getting the job:

  1. Your resume is compiled in a sloppy manner. ­- workopolis

Ensure that your resume is neat and uses one format. Your resume needn’t showcase your creative side.

  1. Your resume makes you seem odd – workopolis

If you are the type of person that likes to dabble in the eccentric hobby every now and then, don’t put it on your resume. If there is any indication that you are odd, the employer will look right past you. Once again, keep your private life private.

  1. Your resume doesn’t showcase your value – Inc

It is crucial that the employer see why you’d be important in his business. After all, the idea is for him/her to want you more than any of the other candidates.


References give the employer a fair idea of the kind of person you are. They want to phone previous employers and find out if they would recommend you for the position. You need to ensure that you provide a reference list in your resume, but along with that, you need to ensure that your references will in fact recommend you. Don’t add a list of employers who do not have a good enough relationship with you just because you need references. They will ensure that you are the last person to get the job.


Passion shows an interest in the position, deeper than your ability to do the job. It leaves a positive impression on your interviewer and makes them see that, not only are you qualified and able, but you really want the position.


Some of us don’t think about this issue in depth. If we are qualified, we will take any job we are offered. But you can also be overqualified. Chances are, you won’t even be considered because of future complications you can cause, such as demands for higher salaries and the possibility that something in your line of work will open up and you will leave your current employer hanging. Shoot for the stars, but keep in mind, being underqualified will have the same consequences, so keep your shooting to a moderate level.


We all know that if we want to go anywhere in life, we need to be connected. It’s not your fault if you aren’t, but this will decrease the chances of success with regards to climbing the corporate ladder. Keep your ears out during social gatherings and don’t be afraid to network a little.

“Business Pains” – Liz Ryan, Forbes 

Lastly, it is important to prove to the employer what “Business Pain” you relieve.  This means showing that you are able to improve operations or find efficient methods to increase profitability. It all depends on the company. This is the one place you can let your creative mind go, though if you don’t know of a “Business Pain” to be relieved, rather leave this out of the conversation.


These tips will ensure job application success, however, don’t feel demotivated if you don’t get the job. Get back on your horse and keep trying. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all. Best of luck on your journey forward.

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